Non-Contact, Laser Thickness Measurement 

Transform your manufacturing lines into "Smart" manufacturing lines with closed loop control 

CASE STUDY: Solving thickness measurement challenges with Mate Gauge

"The MG-CLS with closed loop operation simulates a near-perfect operator taking frequent high-accuracy measurements and making the exact required adjustments to casting speed to lock the strip thickness as closely as possible to the target."

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What is a Mate Gauge?

A Mate Gauge is a tool that automatically measures the thickness and texture of any sample placed between it's laser sensors. 

A Mate Gauge can be small or extremely large - installed on a bench or inline on a moving production line. 

What is a Mate Gauge?

How to Buy a Mate Gauge

Each application is unique - our customers rely on their Mate Gauge to provide critical quality control and system control over entire production lines.

That's why we spend the time to make sure we understand YOUR application and specific use case.

How to Buy a Mate Gauge

We are a highly skilled Canadian engineering firm with a proven track record of designing and deploying laser thickness measurement systems worldwide.

For the past 15 years we've worked closely with lead-acid battery manufacturers supplying and servicing turn-key thickness measurement solutions. Mate Gauge is the right choice to help take your lead roll, paste or plate manufacturing lines to the next level of quality and efficiency.

We are creative problem solvers who take pride in the quality of our products. We love working with customers to create tailored thickness measurement solutions. Learn more about the Mate Gauge Team!

Mate Gauge is Trusted By:


Lumber, Sheeting, Flooring and Finished Goods

Lead Acid Battery Production

Cast Lead Strip, Rolled Lead Strip, Lead Pasting and Rolled Pasting Lines

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Solid State Battery research, experimental materials and more.

Steel and Metals

Rolled Steel, Plates and Other Metals

Lithium Ion Battery Production

Thin Foils and Films

Why laser thickness gauges?

The main advantage of using laser gauges versus legacy tools, like micrometers, is their ability to provide accurate, consistent thickness measurements without interfering with (compressing or damaging) the sample.

Using our laser gauges, you can instantly measure material thickness at thousands of different points, review detailed cross sections of the material surface, configure product recipes and tolerance limits, and more.

10 Best Practices to consider when installing a laser thickness gauge

Adding a non-contact, thickness gauge to your process is smart - here is how to go about it.

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Measure without stopping your lines

Add a Mate Gauge Inline laser measuring system to your existing line and automatically achieve target thickness while reducing scrap and avoiding user error.

Our non-contact laser gauges provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements by integrating directly into your new or existing lines. 

View our lineup of inline laser thickness gauges

Ready to measure 

Right out of the box!

The Mate Gauge Benchtop is a non-contact, laser thickness scanner, ready to run, right out of the box.

Several sizes and price points are available along with 24/7 support. All benchtop models include sensors, self calibration, a touchscreen interface, and a computing platform to measure and record data. 

View our lineup of benchtop laser thickness gauges

4 ways Mate Gauge's technology can integrate and substantially improve your lead acid battery production lines. 

Simple Substitution

Replace calipers and other measurement tools with a near-process, high-speed,  benchtop laser gauge .

 Improve What You Have

Add a Mate Gauge (like the  MG3 ) directly onto your production line and measure every plate coming down the line.

Automate Your Lines

Connect your MG3 directly to the pasting machine and automatically output consistent plates with closed-loop control.

Build Better Batteries

High accuracy and minimal variance mean tighter tolerances, enabling creative new battery designs.

Out of the box - or Custom application:
Our thickness measurement and control systems are ready to work.

Real-time Display

Watch variation and set alerts

Integrate with PLCs and Databases

Automate your lines

Historical Reporting

Discover insights over time

Intuitive and Easy to Use

No more user error

Do you have a thickness measurement challenge?

We're here for our customers throughout the entire process - from initial proof of concept to post-commissioning support.

It all begins with a conversation.

  • Tell us about your production and thickness measurement challenges.
  • Once we know more about you, we'll walk you through potential solutions.
  • We can also discuss sending you samples or setting up a demo test.
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