Cut Your Thickness Variation by 50%

Sound too good to be true? It’s not – it can be done using the  Paste Saver  for automatic active material control

Goodbye Wrench. Hello Paste Saver.

The Paste Saver unlocks the true potential of your pasting machines, eliminating low-accuracy manual wrench adjustments. It’s designed as a system upgrade, not a replacement, so it works with virtually any pasting machine. The installation of two Paste Savers in parallel ensures 100% even thickness across your entire plate profile.

The Paste Saver can also be installed on new pasting lines. We collaborate closely with pasting machine manufacturers to ensure compatibility with their new machines.

Achieve Unprecedented Thickness Accuracy

Thickness variations will be a thing of the past when you add the Paste Saver to your lines. It’s proven to cut thickness variations by at 50%. That translates directly into less scrap, reduced costs, and improved quality. 

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Two Setup Options


With one Paste Saver in place, you can tightly control the average pasted thickness of your plates to a far higher degree than you can with manual measurements.


When you add a second Paste Saver in parallel, you can control average thickness AND side-to-side thickness, giving you unprecedented control over your pasting lines. This setup is recommended for AGM plate lines, where thickness variations can lead to major production problems.

Leverage our Automatic Thickness Control (ATC) Software

With ATC the Paste Saver receives instructions based on real-time thickness measurements from the Mate Gauge. It gives you the power to achieve fully closed-loop automatic control and optimize quality. 

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Choose from Several Control Methods

The frequency and size of your active material adjustments depends on the stability of your process, the size of your dead band, and the frequency of your Mate Gauge measurements. Adjustments are typically made every 20 seconds to 2 minutes, and range from 3µm to 15µm.

Control Options

Dead Band

Stop adjustments when the thickness measurement is inside a preset band around the target value.

Dead Band Delay

The thickness measurement has to be outside the dead band for a given number of measurements before an adjustment is made.

Minimum Time Between Adjustments

Introduces a delay to account for the time it takes for plates to travel from the pasting machine to the gauge.

Maximum Adjustment Size

Caps the maximum step size per adjustment.


Adjustable Proportional Gain to allow tuning of the control loop for optimal process performance.

Control Target

The control basis can be set at the maximum, minimum, or average thickness.

Extra Features

Adjustable Limit Switches

Limit switches are set during installation to prevent the actuator from over-travelling and damaging equipment.

Customizable Alarms

For Travel Limit, Motor Temperature, and Manual Interference Detection.

Optional Manual Adjustments

Built-in 4” wheel. One revolution produces a change of less than 0.0005 in.


Ensures the Paste Saver is not influenced by voids, paste lumps, or paper folds.

Product Change Support

Supports on-the-fly product changes that are fast and accurate, eliminating the slow response of manual change over.

Ready for Fully Automatic Closed-Loop Control?

Ask us how to add the Paste Saver to your pasting lines today