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Mate Gauge complete thickness measurement systems minimize production line stoppages and maximize output which helps our clients, their customers and our planet.

“That’s great, but it won’t work here” 

was a response I was often given when we first started selling our laser measurement thickness solutions. Customers were rightly concerned about putting highly-accurate sensors in their harsh environments and interpreting a continuous stream of readings when they were used to a few data points from a micrometer.

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve engineered our systems to address these concerns head on. Every Mate Gauge in-line solution comprises a scanning frame, laser sensors and a measuring app that work in harmony to position the sensors, control the temperature and keep it clean, perform health checks, manage calibration and alignment procedures, and control the motion patterns of how the sensors move across the material.

I believe our greatest innovation came in 2023 when we introduced the Virtual Micrometer. We framed our thickness settings and readings in the context of the ubiquitous, trusted device: the traditional micrometer. This change means that instead of having to learn a new way of working, our clients transition to Mate Gauge with ease, operating the system using settings and features they were working with every day. 

​I love that the harder we work, the simpler it gets. When I started Mate Gauge I was a generalist and grew to learn the power of focus over time. Yet over the years, one thing has not changed – our goal to become the industry standard for continuous thickness measure of flat goods. 

                       Steve Mate                
        ​CEO & Founder of Mate Gauge
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At Mate Gauge, our dedication goes beyond measure. We aren't just selling machines. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and support, sustained by technical expertise and a belief in customer care.

To better serve our customers, we are investing in expanding our facilities, inventory, and team. This ensures that we're equipped to meet your specific requirements. No matter where your company stands, we're here to collaborate closely with you to chart the optimal path forward.

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Mate Gauge non-contact turnkey solutions are on production lines globally in multiple industries, including steel and other metals, building materials, and battery manufacturing.

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