We are an engineering-first company specializing in laser thickness applications.

Our non-contact thickness measurement gauges are deployed across a wide range of industries, including lead-acid battery manufacturing, nuclear energy, steel mills, wood products, and more. Since 2006, our passion for practical solutions has been helping manufacturers solve challenges in thickness measurement and quality control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower manufacturers with ultra-accurate and easily deployed thickness measuring systems.

Our Values

We believe in engineering-first design principles. We're passionate about building customer solutions that are innovative, practical, and cost-effective.

We believe collaboration is the key to success. We engage with our customers every step of the way - from product prototyping and customized solutions to post-installation support.

We believe in open communication. Want to see how we work? Come see us at our Ottawa location.

Meet the Mate Gauge Team Members

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Stephen Mate,

Founder & CEO


Trent Reeb, 

Principal Engineer

Connor Prior,

Software Developer

Ryan Mount, 

Sales Development


Cameron Euler, 

Customer Success Engineer

Jamie Harrison,

Engineering Co-op

Cedric Dufresne,

Electrical Engineering Co-op

Mate Gauge designs, builds, installs, supports and maintains
laser thickness measurement systems - worldwide.

Canada, the United States of America and North America

India, China and Asia

Brazil, Columbia and South America

South Africa, Algeria and Africa

The United Kingdom, Poland and Europe

Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines

Do you have a thickness measurement challenge?

We're here for our customers throughout the entire process - from initial proof of concept to post-commissioning support.

It all begins with a conversation.

  • Tell us about your production and thickness measurement challenges.
  • Once we know more about you, we'll walk you through potential solutions.
  • We can also discuss sending you samples or setting up a demo test.
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