Mate Gauge              for Lead Pasting Lines


Uninterrupted monitoring of lead pasting lines. Unlock total control with our turnkey solution, featuring Virtual Micrometer + Scanning Frame + Measuring App. 

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Are you facing challenges in your 

production process? 

Are you facing challenges with uniform paste application in lead pasting lines, giving you "stack-up error"? 

How often does your production halt due to jams in the "COS - cast on strap" machine? 

Have you considered the impact of plate thickness variability on the overall performance of your batteries?

Minimize waste and maximize throughput with 

Mate Gauge turnkey solution 

The Mate Gauge  non-contact laser measuring system tailored for pasted plates is a robust solution that empowers operators to quickly detect and address deviations, ensuring seamless production and enhancing the electrical performance of batteries.

Mate Gauge streamlines your production process, providing real-time data and actionable insights. Its intuitive design and precision technology facilitate smooth machinery operation and consistent product quality, translating into more efficient production and superior battery performance.

Virtual Micrometer

All the capabilities of a standard micrometer – but on your production line – letting you measure continuously, faster and in multiple ways. 

How it works on your lines

Mate Gauge technology is built around a continuously-scanning Virtual Micrometer. A highly-accurate single point measurement is moved continuously across the strip to give the full cross-sectional thickness with thousands of individual thickness measurements organized to match real-world measuring, as if an operator was doing it by hand.

Just faster. More often. And without stopping your lines.  

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             MG3 shown integrated into a lead strip rolling line, positioned after the dryer

Mate Gauge location on your pasting line

All the info you need when you need it

Detect even the smallest thickness changes when they happen.

Get live, daily and monthly views of key production metrics.

View plate thickness throughout the production run.

Easily supports automatic thickness control and closed-loop systems.

Set alerts with alarms and notifications.

Connect to your systems with PLC integration and APIs.