Non-contact, laser thickness measurement for industrial applications



How it works


Measuring technology

Sensors scan across the width of the material at a sampling rate of 1-5 kHz. The Mate Gauge software filters and processes the thickness waveform to extract and record measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs). Measurement results are continuously published and displayed on a 15” HMI display. Results are stored locally in. CSV format and can also be published via Ethernet.

We capture a full cross-sectional thickness profile of your material at 5,000 points per second. Our engineering staff can easily configure which locations are measured and adjust the width of the anvil size at each of those locations.

Air purge

Sensor cooling


Dirt detection

Mate Gauge automatically measures the thickness, width and other KPIs of any sample placed between it's laser sensors.

Every Mate Gauge can adjust to different materials, regardless of size and texture.


Measurement data is collected, saved and graphically processed using the Mate Gauge software, which is controlled and configured via a touchscreen. The interface is designed for easy monitoring of thickness measurements in daily operations. Its intuitive menu structure, compatible with all measuring systems, ensures user-friendly operation.

The software, ergonomically designed and based on the Windows operating system, is easy for operators to handle. Measurement values are processed and displayed in a clear and organized manner. The interface includes a top menu bar, a main display that varies depending on the selected application, and a bottom menu bar. The main display presents information such as thickness values, width, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Mate Gauge software leverages the familiar settings of traditional micrometer. Our Virtual Micrometers provide continuous monitoring, empowering operators to work efficiently, minimize line stoppages, and focus on measuring the material areas they deem important. The system can be customized to meet your specific needs, allowing for the seamless operation of various plant applications.

Mate Gauge Apps 

The Mate Gauge thickness measurement systems come pre-loaded with apps that simplify scan configuration and streamline data processing to provide insights into your most important KPIs. Each app processes, displays, and saves data uniquely, offering specific main display screens for the operator.









Why laser thickness measurement?

The main advantage of using laser gauges versus legacy tools, like micrometers, is their ability to provide accurate, consistent thickness measurements without interfering with (compressing or damaging) the sample.

Mate Gauge laser systems instantly measure material thickness at thousands of different points, review detailed cross sections of the material surface, configure product recipes and tolerance limits, and more.

Simple Substitution

Replace calipers and other measurement tools with a near-process, high-speed, benchtop laser gauge.

 Improve What You Have

Add a Mate Gauge directly to your production line and measure every plate or strip without slowing or stopping the line.

Automate Your Lines

Connect your MG3 directly to the pasting machine and automatically output consistent plates with closed-loop control.

From the Mate Gauge Blog

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