Designed to withstand any environment that comes our way

Reliable results throughout the coil

With PLC integration, drastically increase on material trim and communicate quickly with operators to reduce coil waste

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Measure thickness up to 40 mm!

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Cutting it Close

Using a Mate Gauge, you can detect immediately when your steel goes from off gauge to on gauge material. 

No more eyeballing or stopping for manual measurements. With our touchscreen display, you can tell immediately when your head or tail end needs to be cut.

Our Products for Steel

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Benchtop


Our largest gauge, leaving no area out of reach.

  • Up to 72 inches of stroke length

  • A solution designed for large facilities with real time monitoring needs

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge 3


Powerful features, compact design.

  • Perfect for rolling lines, the compact design allows it to fit in the smallest factory lines.

  • High sensor resolution ensuring you get every detail

MG CLS Non-contact thickness gauge


Our smallest benchtop gauge.

  • Rugged yet compact design. The MGX is equally suited to testing labs and factory floors

  • Self-calibration and automatic diagnostic checks make it easy to use and maintain