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Non-contact thickness measurement for battery, wood,  steel, building materials, and more ...

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Measure Without Stopping Your Lines

Inline laser measuring to reduce scrap and help operators achieve target thickness.

Our non-contact laser gauges provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements. We help manufacturers reduce material cost by measuring without stopping or taking individual samples.  

Odoo • Text and Image

Benchtop Measuring

MGX is ready to measure out-of-the-box.

It's hands-free and requires no special operator training. 

Send us your material and we'll show you how accurate our laser measurement solutions are - within 1 micron!

Real-time Display and Historical Reporting 

React in the moment and discover insights over time.

Our data management options are designed for ease of use by operators, supervisors, and managers.

Want to level up? Integrate with PLCs and databases in just a few simple steps.


Let's Connect

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Let's have a conversation. Tell us about your processes and thickness measurement challenges. We will walk you through potential solutions and discuss how we've helped others like you. 

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Our Products

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Our smallest benchtop gauge. 250 mm of stroke.

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge 3


Flagship inline laser gauge. 400 mm of stroke. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Compact, lightweight gauge.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Same great laser technology. Now in an O-frame. 1.2 m stroke.

MG CLS Non-contact thickness gauge


Built for cast lead strip lines. 

Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Edge

MG Edge

Compact inline laser thickness gauge. Great for upgrading legacy systems. 


Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Steel


Inline laser thickness gauge for wide coils. 1.8m  stroke.


Laser Gauge Mate Gauge Benchtop


MGB laser thickness gauge. 200 mm of stroke. 

Laser Gauge Benchtop Mini

MG Mini

Smaller form factor of the standard Benchtop. 200 mm stroke length.