Thickness Gauges for Lead Acid Battery Manufacture

Ready for Fully Automatic Closed-Loop Control?

Since 2006, Mate Gauge has been supporting the lead-acid battery industry. With gauges on pasting lines, casters and offline situations, our laser thickness measurement solutions have proven results. On certain lines, Mate Gauge has provided $500,000 in savings annually!

Cut Thickness Variation by 50% on your pasting lines!

Our Paste Saver optimization unlocks the true potential of your pasting lines, eliminating low-accuracy manual wrench adjustments. It’s designed as a system upgrade, not a replacement, so it works with virtually any pasting machine. The installation of two Gauges in parallel ensures 100% even thickness across your entire plate profile.

Of course our non-contact, thickness gauges can be installed on brand new pasting lines. We collaborate closely with pasting machine manufacturers to ensure compatibility with their new machines.

Mate Gauge provides reliable, pre-built solutions to the Lead Acid Battery Industry 

Quality Assurance for Separator Manufacturing

Read Our Post: 

"Easily measure your lead-acid battery separators."

Measure your strip or plates on or off the line

Stop wedging as it happens, decrease active material waste, or reduce standard deviation.
With Mate Gauge's data insights you can fully manage your material. 

Measure with Accuracy

Laser-based, non-contact measurement allows for high-speed, ultra-accurate sampling across the plate or strip - even in the toughest environments!

Decrease Waste

Measuring active material enables you to monitor the amount of paste you use and immediately make changes further up the line to return you to spec. 

Get Rich Data

From mean thickness and width to rugosity - know it all, all the time, with real-time display, historical reporting and integrated, shared databases.

Non-contact thickness gauges consistently outperform manual measurement tools

Manual thickness measurement tools, such as calipers and micrometers, are widely used primarily due to their low cost and familiarity. 

However, more and more companies are turning to modern laser gauging techniques as a proven way to increase the efficiency and quality of their processes and products.

Mate Gauge eliminates thickness variation by providing turn-key laser measurement solutions for Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers

Achieve Unprecedented Thickness Accuracy
Thickness variations will be a thing of the past when you add the Paste Saver to your lines. It’s proven to cut thickness variations by at 50%. That translates directly into less scrap, reduced costs, and improved quality. 

Two Setup Options

With one Gauge in place, you can tightly control the average pasted thickness of your plates to a far higher degree than you can with manual measurements.

When you add a second Mate Gauge in parallel, you can control average thickness AND side-to-side thickness, giving you unprecedented control over your pasting lines. This setup is recommended for AGM plate lines, where thickness variations can lead to major production problems.

Leverage our Automatic Thickness Control (ATC) Software

With ATC the Paste Saver receives instructions based on real-time thickness measurements from the Mate Gauge. It gives you the power to achieve fully closed-loop automatic control and optimize quality.

Choose from Several Control Methods

The frequency and size of your active material adjustments depends on the stability of your process, the size of your dead band, and the frequency of your Mate Gauge measurements. Adjustments are typically made every 20 seconds to 2 minutes, and range from 3µm to 15µm.

Control Options

Dead Band - Stop adjustments when the thickness measurement is inside a preset band around the target value.

Dead Band Delay - The thickness measurement has to be outside the dead band for a given number of measurements before an adjustment is made.

Minimum Time Between Adjustments - Introduces a delay to account for the time it takes for plates to travel from the pasting machine to the gauge.

Maximum Adjustment Size - Caps the maximum step size per adjustment.

Gain - Adjustable Proportional Gain to allow tuning of the control loop for optimal process performance.

Control Target - The control basis can be set at the maximum, minimum, or average thickness.

Powerful Software

All Mate Gauge products include our easy-to-use software platform, ready to use out of the box. Choose from several outlays and easily set your tolerance and target metrics.

They integrate seamlessly with your PLC so you can manage your lines through your system.

All gauges come with optional on-premise web application. View your data securely on your local network 

Laser Control = Higher Quality.

See the difference moving from weight controlled to laser thickness measurement can make.

  • Large standard deviation
  • Unpredictable Tolerances
  • Measures plate weight
  • Low process capability

  • Halved standard deviation
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Measures active material
  • Increased process capability


CASE STUDY: Solving quality and efficiency challenges in lead paste manufacturing with  Mate Gauge

"Adding thickness measurement to your manufacturing process helps ensure plate conformity and consistency. Everyone wants to produce the best product, with the least waste, in the most efficient way. When you’re producing millions of plates per year (roughly 72 plates per battery and often, depending on the factory size, 1 million+ batteries annually), quality matters."

Read the full case study

Our Products for Lead Acid Battery


Custom-built for cast lead strip lines.

  • Closed loop control of the slitter speed
  • Continuous measurement throughout the coil
  • Monitor thickness in real time

Learn More about MG-CLS


Our offline measurement gauge for pasting lines.

  • Our smallest benchtop
  • Laser thickness measurement that's ready to go out of the box
  • Flexible design that's equally at home in the testing lab and the factory floor

 Learn More about MGX


Our flagship inline gauge for rolled lead strip and pasting lines.

  • Cross sectional, continuous thickness measurement
  • Dirt and temperature fluctuation tolerance
  • Eliminates operator error with notifications of any deviation from spec
Learn More about MG3


Compact, lightweight inline gauge for rolling lines.

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • An affordable solution for small to mid-sized facilities with limited floor space
Learn More about MG1  

Do you have a thickness measurement challenge?

We're here for our customers throughout the entire process - from initial proof of concept to post-commissioning support.

It all begins with a conversation.

  • Tell us about your production and thickness measurement challenges.
  • Once we know more about you, we'll walk you through potential solutions.
  • We can also discuss sending you samples or setting up a demo test.
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