Easily measure your lead-acid battery separators

Quickly capture rib thickness, backweb thickness and width of battery separators.

Most common Lead-Acid batteries consist of only a few basic components; an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte. What is often not mentioned is the strategy used to keep these components from touching - the Separator. 

What is a battery separator?

A battery separator is simply a membrane that is positioned between the positively charged anode and the negatively charged cathode.

The material of the separator acts as a catalyst that increases the movement of ions from one electrode to the other.  Since the membrane controls the number of ions that move between terminals, it also plays a significant role in charging, discharging and overall quality of the battery.

The challenge is consistency

Since the separator plays such a large part in the functioning of a lead-acid battery, manufacturers pay quite a bit of attention to making sure the separator is the of the right size, thickness, texture and consistency. 

The separator itself doesn't make this job much easier - it is often delicate and can easily be damaged by calipers or other quality assurance tools. 

The solution is to use Mate Gauge lasers

The Mate Gauge MGX - is perfectly suited to collecting thickness, measurement and texture data from both sides of a sample - quickly and easily.

In just a few seconds an accurate reading of several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be taken: 

  • KPI-1: Major Rib Thickness
  • KPI-2: Backweb Thickness
  • KPI-3: Shoulder Width (L/R)
  • KPI-4: Full Sample Width

The only fully automatic solution to the hands-free measurement of battery separators

All of our non-contact laser thickness measurement gauges come preloaded with several types of apps that simplify the control, function and repeatability of the gauge.

Our newly developed "Separator Measurement App" allows for:

  • calibration and measuring strategies are pre-built within the controls and ready to work
  • quickly collect everything you need with just the click of a button
  • compare historical averages at a glance
  • backward compatible to older MGs
  • significantly quicker and more accurate than attempting to manually measure just one rib

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