"Co-efficient Precision Engineering" is now known as Mate Gauge

A simple and descriptive name for a company looking to make measurement easy.

To be clear Co-efficient has been operating as Mate Gauge for quite a while now (since 2021). Our product has always been called Mate Gauge – it’s how we’re known. So, calling our company Mate Gauge too just makes sense. However, we realize that it is important to make clear the change and perhaps to say a little about what led to this update.


As a start-up - built and run by engineers, we felt the Co-efficient Precision name was descriptive and exciting. Although we operated as Co-efficient for many years our recent growth and brand targets called for a more simple name that could contain some semblance of what it is we build - hence the Gauge

We are the same company - with the same values - and our (not so) new name is a great example of how our company is laser focused on the future and on continuing to design, build, setup and maintain amazing laser measurement systems for a growing group of innovative companies world-wide.

Please note that only our operating name has changed – to Mate Gauge. Co-efficient Precision Engineering Inc. continues to be our legal, corporate name.

If you find yourself wondering exactly how our Mate Gauge software and hardware will integrate into your own quality and control systems, don't hesitate to set up a demo!

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