How to take laser-accurate thickness measurements easily

Using calipers on a wet pasted plate is a nasty job. And, as you know, measurements aren’t reliable because the paste gets depressed every time you measure.

Until now, the only real way to solve this problem was to install an in-line laser gauge like the MG3. But this often requires retooling or rearranging equipment on your plate-making lines ... 

I’ve heard from several managers and engineers who have legitimate concerns about using an in-line solution:

  • Will it be worth the investment in the end?
  • Will my lines go down during the installation?
  • What if the machine stops working? What’s my backup plan?

We listened to your feedback and came up with a new, super-simple way to start measuring thickness.

 Introducing the Mate Gauge Benchtop

Our 2017 benchtop model is …

  • Cheaper (about half the price of the Mate Gauge S)
  • Easy to set up (it’s literally plug-and-play, and you can put it anywhere)
  • Completely offline (it won’t affect your lines at all)

Watch the video below to see the Mate Gauge Benchtop in action


You can now get accurate and repeatable laser thickness measurements without reconfiguring your plate-making lines.

If you’ve decided that plate thickness is a key quality indicator for you, this is the machine that will get the job done as cost-effectively as possible.

It can …

  • Accurately measure the thickness of any soft surface because it’s totally contactless
  • Detect the smallest surface defects because it scans the entire area of the plate
  • Run automatically once you put a plate in position, reducing the number of manual button presses in your process
  • Alert you when plates are out of spec
  • Store all thickness data, including plate product codes, locally and in our cloud platform where you can review data and analyze historical trends

It’s also fully calibrated to NIST, so you can be confident that your measurements are accurate.

If you want to learn more about our 2017 Benchtop model, send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and send you the specs. If you’re ready to try one you can even ask me about sending a trial gauge that you can use to see if it’s right for you.


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