Mate Gauge for Gypsum


Continuously monitor gypsum board production. Measure full board including width, taper, shoulder and face. 

Unlock total control with our turnkey solution, featuring Virtual Micrometer + Scanning Frame + Measuring App. 

Mate Gauge for gypsum

Are you facing challenges in your 

gypsum board production process? 


  How many boards have you scrapped because of a defect your   operators couldn’t measure?

   How much material is wasted when drying ovens are full of       boards that are out of spec?

   Have your customers rejected boards due to dimensional     quality issues?

MG App - Gypsum

     All the capabilities of a standard micrometer – but on your production line letting you measure continuously, faster and in multiple ways.

Board profile

Gypsum laser thickness measurement

Shoulder view

Face view

Taper view

Minimize waste and maximize throughput with 

Mate Gauge for gypsum turnkey solution


 Operators can swiftly configure the system for various materials using a broad array of presets, accommodating different papers or scrims in gypsum panel production.


The standard setup includes five shoulder and 12 face measurements, as well as overall width, taper depth, and width measurements, with two detailed scans for added precision in tapered areas.

How it works on your lines

Mate Gauge technology is built around a continuously-scanning virtual micrometer. A highly-accurate single point measurement is moved continuously across the strip to give the full cross-sectional thickness with thousands of individual thickness measurements organized to match real-world measuring, as if an operator was doing it by hand.

Just faster. More often. And without stopping your lines.  

Learn more about MG5

Mate Gauge laser thickness measurement system

All the info you need when you need it

Connect to your systems with PLC integration and APIs.

Detect even the smallest thickness changes when they happen.

Get live, daily and monthly views of key production metrics.

View board thickness in a range of zones, including the tapers, shoulders and faces.


Set alerts with alarms and notifications.