Mate Gauge for Rolled Lead Strip


Uninterrupted thickness and width monitoring of rolled lead strip. 

Unlock total control with our turnkey solution, featuring Virtual Micrometer + Scanning Frame + Measuring App. 

Mate Gauge for rolled lead strip

Mate Gauge reference installations

Are you facing challenges in your 

production process? 

Is your lead strip production experiencing common issues like: 

  • inconsistent quality control?
  • material wastage due to over-thickness?
  • disruptive downstream  equipment jams?

Do you know if your operators are overcompensating by making the strip too thick, wasting valuable lead?  

These challenges not only affect efficiency but also impact your bottom line.

Minimize waste and maximize throughput with 

Mate Gauge turnkey solution 

Mate Gauge Virtual Micrometer for rolled lead strip

Virtual Micrometer

All the capabilities of a standard micrometer – but on your production line – letting you measure continuously, faster and in multiple ways. 

Mate Gauge technology streamlines your operations by constantly monitoring production, enabling a shift towards increased automation. This leads to a more focused workforce, driving productivity and innovation.

How it works on your lines

Mate Gauge technology is built around a continuously-scanning Virtual Micrometer. A highly-accurate single point measurement is moved continuously across the strip to give the full cross-sectional thickness with thousands of individual thickness measurements organized to match real-world measuring, as if an operator was doing it by hand.

Just faster. More often. And without stopping your lines.  

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