Mate Gauge for  Veneer Peeling Lines

 , roughness

Continuous, non-contact thickness, roughness and width monitoring of veneer sheets.

Unlock total control with our turnkey solution, featuring Virtual Micrometer + Scanning Frame + Measuring App. 

Mate Gauge reference installations

Mate Gauge understands your process and challenges

Is your veneer peeling process experiencing common issues like: 

   temperature drifts inside the factory depending on the season

   steam interference

   dust accumulation

Our Thickness Reference method and continuous air purge technologies mitigate temperature

fluctuations, steam exposure, and debris buildup, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements

even in the most challenging environments.

When you acquire a Mate Gauge, we collaborate with you to fine-tune sensor settings, filtering

parameters, and averaging algorithms to deliver measurements that you can trust with confidence.

Virtual Micrometer - Veneer App
All the capabilities of a standard micrometer – but on your production line – letting you measure continuously, faster and in multiple ways. 

Simply set your desired locations, specify the number of Vmics measurements needed, anvil sizes for each, and press start. Instantly receive comprehensive thickness information and other  KPIs on your dashboard.