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MG Edge

Powerful features,
compact design.  

Mate Gauge Edge is a compact gauge for near-edge thickness measurements on moving strip materials.  The Edge provides real-time thickness feedback which can be used for process control and quality reporting.

Tell us about your lines. 

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Thickness Gauging  Made Easy. 

The Mate Gauge Edge's laser sensors provide a data-rich thickness reading. When paired with our powerful software, the thickness measurements can be visualized in multiple ways, giving your engineers the ability to further analyze the material surface profile. 

Perfect Upgrade to Any System

When mounted on the production line , the gauge automatically finds the edge and begins scanning the edge region when strip is present. Mate Gauge Edge is designed to fit even the smallest production lines and to help manufacturers get accurate thickness readings even on legacy machines. 

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Easily Connects to Remote I/O

Use remote I/O control to operate the Mate Gauge Steel and connect it to stack lights and alarm systems that alert operators when the process is out of spec. The Mate Gauge 3 becomes an integral part of your production line. 

A Compact C-frame

A compact design to fit even the smallest factory lines. Perfect fit for multiple rolling line. 

Technical Specifications

  • Average thickness display

  • Gauge and Go scanning modes

  • Product recipes (nominal thickness, warning and actions limits)

  • Data logging

  • Alarming

  • PLC and API communications options

  • Lens cleaning alarms

  • Calibration standard

Included in the package 
  • 2 Laser Sensors

  • Linear Motor Actuator

  • Computing Platform and Touchscreen interface

  • Temperature Controlled Sensors

  • Thickness range: 0.01mm [0.0004 in] to 20 mm [0.79 in]

  • Resolution: 0.0003 mm [0.00001 in]

  • Belt/Strip Width: edge measurement only

  • Stroke: 203-330 mm [8-13 in], configurable

  • 646 x 234 x 536 mm [25.4 x 9.2 x 21.1 in] , Sensor assembly

  • 400 x 400 X 118 mm [16 x 16 x 4.6 in] , Operator HMI panel (options for 10" HMI available)

  • 40 [88 lbs] , Sensor Assembly

  • 10 kg [22 lbs] , operator panel

Supply requirements
  • Power supply input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.2-4.4 A

  • Air: 12 CFM @ 90-110 PSI

  • 10oC  to 50oC  operating  temperature   [50oF to 120oF]

  • Humidity: 80% at 31oC   (88oF) – 50% at 40oC (104oF) (Linearly)