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The future of inline measuring is compact.

Looking for a thickness measurement solution that fits your floor space and your budget? The MG1 measures thickness of strips and moving materials. This lightweight, accessible gauge offers easy installation and stress-free maintenance plus a speedy return on investment.

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We can walk you through use and features of our inline scanning thickness gauges.

548 mm x 191 mm x 317 mm.
Now that's compact. 

Inline gauging that fits into more places than ever. The  compact design makes it easy to install on rolling and coating lines. 

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Essential information - visible and actionable.

Monitor your production at a glance. Operators benefit from always-visible displays so they can react quickly and effectively.

See it all. All the time.

Understand your cross-sectional thickness throughout the run. Optionally divide the measurements into thickness zones to get the whole picture.

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Technical Specifications

  • Average Thickness Display

  • Gauge and Go Scanning Modes

  • Product Recipes (Nominal Thickness, Warning and Actions Limits)

  • Data logging

  • Customizable Alarms

  • PLC and API Communications Options

  • Lens Cleaning Alarms

  • Calibration Standard

  • 2 Laser Sensors

  • Linear Actuator

  • Computing Platform and Touchscreen Interface

  • Protective housing with sliding doors

  • 0.5 micron resolution [0.00002 in.]

  • 2 micron accuracy (typical) [0.00008 in]

  • 422 mm stroke [16.6 in]

  • 150 mm per second scanning speed (adjustable) [6 in per second]

  • 0 to 8 mm thickness range (typical) [0 to 0.3 in]

  • 1 to 5KHz measurement frequency

  • 546 x 191 x 317 mm [22 x 7.5 x 12.5 in]

  • 20.4 kg [45 lbs]

  • 10oC  to 50oC  operating temperature  [50oF to 120oF]

  • Humidity <90%

  • 4 A @ 110V/60Hz  [2 A @ 240V/50Hz]