MG1 - Compact and lightweight inline thickness measurement 

Easy to set up and maintain, this affordable solution is ideal for small to

mid-sized facilities with limited floor space.

Why choose the MG1?

Compact and lightweight

Coming in at only 45 pounds [548 mm x 191 mm x 317 mm], 

it’s easy to move the MG1 to different locations in your production facility.

Adapts to a variety of measurement demands   

The cross-sectional thickness measurement for a wide range of plate and strip materials. Its compact, flexible design means it can be used across a variety of industries and products.

Measuring App dashboard

 A touchscreen interface for controlling the gauge and viewing results. Operators benefit from always-visible displays so they can react quickly and effectively.

Virtual micrometer

 Customizable apps available for many different material types. All Mate Gauge thickness monitoring gauges leverage the familiar settings of traditional micrometers but faster, more configurable and more accurate. 


The inclusion of the TR significantly enhances the robustness and consistency of the Mate Gauge by allowing any thermal expansions of the scanning frame to be compensated for, thereby not affecting measurement accuracy. 

Technical Specifications

  • Average Thickness Display
  • Gauge and Go Scanning Modes
  • Product Recipes (Nominal Thickness, Warning and Actions Limits)
  • Data logging
  • Customizable Alarms
  • PLC and API Communications Options
  • Lens Cleaning Alarms
  • Calibration Standard
  • 2 Laser Sensors
  • Linear Actuator
  • Computing Platform and Touchscreen Interface
  • Protective housing with sliding doors
  • 0.5 micron resolution [0.00002 in.]
  • 2 micron accuracy (typical) [0.00008 in]
  • 422 mm stroke [16.6 in]
  • 150 mm per second scanning speed (adjustable) [6 in per second]
  • 0 to 8 mm thickness range (typical) [0 to 0.3 in]
  • 1 to 5KHz measurement frequency

  • 546 x 191 x 317 mm [22 x 7.5 x 12.5 in]
  • 20.4 kg [45 lbs]

  • 10oC  to 50oC  operating temperature  [50oF to 120oF]
  • Humidity <90%
  • 4 A @ 110V/60Hz  [2 A @ 240V/50Hz]