MGX - Benchtop: 

Elevate your thickness


Provides cross-sectional thickness monitoring next to your line.

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MGX-offline gauge

Why add an MGX to your process?

Mate Gauge monitor

Measuring App dashboard

Easy-to-use software, pre-installed and ready to use. Choose your display options and easily set your tolerance and target metrics.

Scanning frame with laser sensors

Laser sensors on the top and bottom capture the entire plate profile, including texture, eliminating the need for manual measurements, reducing inaccuracies, preventing recording errors, and minimizing sample damage caused by contact measurements.

Mate gauge c-frame
MGX weight scale

The optional weight scale add-on

Whether you're analyzing materials in a manufacturing environment or conducting research in a laboratory setting, the MGX allows an operator to  measure the weight of materials alongside thickness and width measurements.

Custom fit for your needs

Mate Gauge Benchtop now in three size configurations

MGX10 offline gauge

MGX (10”)

Stroke : 254 mm

MGX56 offline gauge

MGX (56”)

Stroke : 1422 mm

MGX (80”)

Stroke : 2032 mm

Not sure which benchtop is right for your material? 

Discover the ease of use and advanced features of MGX with our expert guidance

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Technical Specifications

  • Average Thickness Display
  • Cross-sectional Thickness Scans
  • Four corners mode
  • Product Recipes (Nominal Thickness, Warning and Actions Limits)
  • Data logging
  • Alarming
  • PLC and API Communications Options
  • Lens Cleaning Alarms
  • Calibration Standard
  • 2 Laser Sensors
  • Motorized Actuator
  • Computing Platform and Touchscreen Interface
  • Calibration Standard
  • Mate Gauge Thickness Capture and Processing Software
  • 0.1 micron resolution [0.00004 in.]
  • 2 micron accuracy (typical) [0.0001 in]
  • 254 mm stroke [10 in]
  • 150 mm per second scanning speed (adjustable) [6 in per second]
  • 0 to 10 mm thickness range (typical) [0 to 0.4 in]
  • 1 to 5KHz measurement frequency
  • 10 kg [22 lbs]
  • 355 x 457 x 254 [14 x 18 x 10 in]
  • 10oC  to 50oC  operating  temperature   [50oF to 120oF]
  • Humidity <90%
  • 2 A @ 110V/60Hz, 1 A @ 240V/50Hz