Mate Gauge simplifies thickness measurement.

Go flat out with our Virtual Micrometer systems.

Measure thickness - and width - just like a traditional micrometer without stopping your lines.

Same data types as

 a micrometer

Self-calibration and


Increased control and


Automation – on your


Instant insights and


Scan flat products without stopping your lines.

       Turnkey solutions for inline applications


    Steel and other Metals

   Building Materials 






   Other formats




Go flat out.

Our complete inline systems are ready to scan out of the box.


C-frame Option

O-frame Option

Touchscreen Control

PLC Connectivity

Rugged Enclosures


Self calibration

Temperature Control

Air Purge

Real-time Reporting

24/7 support

CASE STUDY 1. Cast Lead Strip

"The MG-CLS with closed loop operation simulates a near-perfect operator taking frequent high-accuracy measurements and making the exact required adjustments to casting speed to lock the strip thickness as closely as possible to the target."

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Steel Manufacture Thickness Measurement

Immediately detect when your steel goes from off-gauge to on-gauge material.

No more guessing or stopping for manual measurements. With our touchscreen display, you always know when your head or tail end needs to be cut.

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Forestry and Consumer Product Thickness Measurement

Precise and continuous measurement solutions for sanding, planning, and finishing lines.

Our non-contact laser gauge solutions measure the thickness throughout the length of your boards or sheets, reducing waste and ensuring a high quality, consistent product.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Never stop your line to measure.

Mate Gauge delivers the high-accuracy measurements required by ultra-thin films.

Protect your foil from bend damage caused by micrometers and ensure reliable results from start to finish.

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